Wonderful Witchy Women with a Cause
Commemorating 15 Years of Community Service
2020 Call for donations!
Fundraising to improve the lives of others in the Bay Area since 2005
The Bella Vista League is a group of women dedicated to making a difference in other people’s lives. Our annual fundraising event called "Wonderful Witchy Women with a Cause" will not be held this year due to concerns about Covid-19. Instead, we are asking for your continued support by a donation now. As always, we are committed to raising funds for charities serving local families and children in crisis.
Giving Back
We invite you to consider supporting our organization! Consider becoming a sponsor or donating now. Learn more about how you can help change lives and make a difference.
About Us
We are a group of women committed to serving Bay Area families in crisis. We raised more than $3.5 million for local charities since 2005.

Help Bay Area Women's and Children's charities by donating to the Bella Vista League.